Steps Of Naomi Campbell

You have done, you have said but above all you have shown. The incantation that is “your walk” embodies  strength that is emulated through your countenance.

Your stance precedes your walk.

Eternally rooted in commitment, rich in determination and resilient in hope, you embody what it is to have strength. Your career is no ordinary feat. You have done what, to others seemed impossible and you continue to do so, with refined excellence. The tenacity of an ageless strut stands, speaks and slays for equality and will not cease until it is met.

The very nature of fashion originates from the liberty and freedom to be creative by means of imagination. That of wonderful colour, rich pigment and diverse cultural collections used to create an aesthetic. Why then is this not reflected and complimented evenly with the glowing variations of melanin each individual has been gifted with? Melanocytes create melanin which gives human skin,eyes and hair their colour and whether an individual has no melanin at all or a large amount it should all be appreciated across the spectrum and celebrated, evenly across the board.

If history has taught us anything, diversity should be celebrated not despised, danced about not divided and showcased not segregated. Surely, an industry that celebrates the art of creativity, diversity and difference should embraced and ignite the wave of change.

Your strength aligns with your beauty and the intrinsic nature of your talent refined by fire will sear through runways and pierce every camera lens until the pin drops and the glass shatters and the manifestation of a desire to be accepted is a reality for the talent to follow in your steps, or in this case stilettos.

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