Personal Pursuit of Positivity

In a world where chaos seems eminent, I stop every now and then to reflect on the good. 

I struggle. 

Why is it always easier to find the negatives? 

Shall it be considered a gift or a blessing to have an innate ability to analyse every potential, miniscule outcome and in effect wait for the good to finish and the bad to ensue? 

Are we somehow intrinsically tuned to look for the negatives? Has life left us victim to seeing nothing but the negative?

The inability to be appreciative and happy strikes me to the core every now and then. I have this eagle eyed hypervigilance over everything, it is almost unheard of. The pummelling persistence of life and her misfortunes has taken a toll on my once positive outlook and I have become negative. 

Unfortunately I don’t think I’m the only one who suffers from this. 

Perhaps the age of appreciation has passed. 

It’s okay to be critical but I think it’s become a primal parasite. To say yes, everything is fine I am happy and enjoy is difficult. 

The childlike inclination to be happy and inebriated with cheerful insouciance is a basic necessity we need to regain and fight for as adults. 

I suggest taking time to soak in happy moments. Do yourself a favour and the next time something good comes your way, really appreciate it. Take a moment. Nothing bad can come from cherishing a moment. When you feel that the moment has passed, think about it and appreciate it for awhile longer. Call it your Prioritised Protected Positivity or whatever. 

Time is a valued luxury we’re all afforded, it’s beyond necessary to make the most of the happy moments. Make sure you do. It’s important. 

2 thoughts on “Personal Pursuit of Positivity

  1. I think every once in a while people need a reminder to take a step back from everything chaotic to notice all the good things. This is something I really needed to read now. Thank you for sharing.

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