The Sentiment of Character 

The credentials of perfect character are undefined yet surprising clear. Most people can identify someone with a good character and individuals with characteristics, that are somewhat questionable (to say the least).

We seem to strive towards a model of novel perfection. Constantly evolving provided that we have an ideal to compare ourselves to (and edge towards or stray away from).

Yes, we are taught how to behave and act and hopefully we align with what society sees as the acceptable standard but what is a person without the foundations of ‘what we should be’. 

How many times have you heard the saying “society has created unrealistic standards” or “we live in a society that strives for perfection” 

The world craves perfection but actually this self deprecating and unrealistic goal tends to stand as a great barrier to finding genuine worth and self esteem.

Self worth is defined as the sense of ones own worth and value as a person and, in a world where first impressions are usually based on money, status and power it is key to remember the intrinsic value of self is worth more than any titles, labels and whatever else.

What is your value measured in? Your job, career, relationship, money , social prowess? As I’m brainstorming I can picture people I know who measure their self worth with leviathan scales of unnecessary torture. 

Let’s go back to vintage simplicity and ask what do you use to measure your self worth with ?

You are worth much more than you realise.

It’s not possible to know your worth if you don’t know yourself. I learned that knowing oneself doesn’t come naturally nor happen overnight. 

Personally I’ve witnessed people who have built this entire persona of who they want to be and what they want to become but haven’t a clue about who they themselves are. 

It’s okay to better yourself but it gets dangerous attempting to build concrete foundations on a false sense of identity. 

 Learning about Michaela (me) was was a complex and interesting experience. My character was pristine. My mother was proud of me, I went to church, I was in the school choir and was the middle child who didn’t rebel. However life has a way of burning the wax of the perfectly sculpted figurine that was me and expertly revealed the flawed human in me through hardship and things not going to plan. 

It was the best thing that could have ever happened.

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