Glastonbury Part Two

This was when I arrived. It was a three hour drive from Cambridge which was ok but all the roads to Glastonbury campsite were closed which added an extra hour or so!

I felt super underwhelmed heading there because I had so much work to do and was so sleep deprived but Glastonbury woo! 

I was wearing a black and white vertical striped dress (above the knee) from Vera Moda in size L. I have no idea how much it cost 😕 I was wearing Asda Wellington Boots £15 in black. Hoop earrings 7 for £1 (Primark)

I went straight bed! It was 1am and I was exhausted.


This was the first day at Glastonbury. We went to see Royal Blood and a few other bands who’d played before them. I have to say I wasn’t keen but there was one of their songs that was pretty cool and from then on I’ve listened to the full album and it is fantastic 5*!


I had sirloin steak, chips with cheese on top and it was the schiznit, I’m sorry I don’t have pictures. Cider in abundance.

It knocked me out and I slept, right there on the field. Glastonbury woo! 

Major Lazerrrrrrrr- First Night At Glastonbury 

First night of mayhem! This was a fun evening. After sleeping during most of the performances in the afternoon, I was ready to get dressed, do my makeup and pardddddddaaay. Major Lazer were headlining the ‘other stage’. Seemed cool so after knocking back several ciders and beers, we went and had a blast. They had good music and great remixes. There was something for everyone which I appreciated!


Shirt- don’t know (mothers)

Red bodysuit – £7 zara

Shorts – £30 Topshop (unsure on price)

Hat- Supreme £36

Septum ring £3 for 3 (Primark)

The evening ended with me hugging a police officer and walking away with Sims’ hoodie (shout out to Sims✌️)


T E M P L E S! I love Temples their first album is probably my favourite of all time ‘Sun Structures’! (Shout out to my Viola for getting me the album) I wanted to dress up and really get into it because I actually knew the lyrics. I’d been to their concert before but it was crowdeddddd so this was my second opportunity to see them, I was super hyped. Woooo!


Suede tassel vest -£60 River Island 

Shorts- £10

Top – gift 

Headscarf- Tie rack

Earrings- H&M £3

Was awesomeeeee and following this look we ate, can’t remember what and we returned to the tent and got dressed for Foo fighters! Which is part one of this Glastonbury post!

Sunday- Mystery Act Madness 

Considering we’d had an eventful Saturday, Sunday was going to be no different! We were camped right next to a stage, I can’t remember what it was called but there was a mystery act performing there and speculation had been that it was ‘The Killers’ who were far too popular for that stage. What happened next was insane.

I’m assuming that the video doesn’t do justice to what was actually taking place. The venue where the ‘surprise act’ was performing was completely packed in seconds! They were refusing entry so people proceeded to flood our campsite! They were stepping on our tents, jumping through bushes , climbing trees and all sorts ! It was insane. I’d compare it to us pitching a tent in the middle of a crowd at a concert! Glastonbury woo! The Killers killed it by the way! I changed twice this afternoon!


Dress – £5 Primark 

Glasses- £5 Glastonbury 

It was my last day at Glastonbury and I was feeling sad so I wanted to wear something that was groovy in homage to the hippies before me!

After this it was off to Boy Better Know which is on my part one Glastonbury blog post! 

Now let’s fast forward tooooooo..

Home Time

All white! Dude it was tragic leaving this place I called home! I loved it but it was time to go home. 

There’s something amazing about Glastonbury. Don’t know whether it was the delicious food, the happy people, the music or just the melting pot of diversity that made it epic but I had the best time. I ate everythingggg and regret nothing! I would love to go again!


Last outfit 

White top £3 Primark 

White shorts £5 Primark

Supreme hat £36

Vans hoody green £20

North face coat – can’t remember 
There we go! In conclusion, Glastonbury I was sceptical but completely won over! I had wonderful time and would absolutely go again. Woooo!

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