Pre Wedding Shenanigans Portugal Pt.2🇵🇹

Okay so Mark & Sonia scheduled their wedding for 4pm that day (Saturday) which left me time to explore the hotel, try out some food and relax a little. Relax a lot actually.

I was slightly hungover and it took a while to get out of bed.

Eventually I did.

We went to a buffet which was not what I expected at all. There were beef patties with no buns, grilled chicken breasts accompanied by rice or chips. There were also two types of cooked fish. I mean I appreciate simplicity but I don’t think it should have been sold as a buffet. I was quite disappointed and the options were quite dry but I ate none the less and was thankful😛! It was a beautiful view too!

Underneath my creased denim tie dress I was wearing:

Bandeau top: £3 zara
Shorts: £3 Primark
Hat: Maison Michel
Birkenstocks: £20 (ASOS)

After the lunch ‘buffet’ I ran to the pool and sunbathed in the 35 degree weather for hours. Doing absolutely nothing at all. I actually have nothing else to say on this post because I just lounged until the wedding ceremony at 4pm.

Admittedly, this is a short post but accurately describes the activity (or lack thereof) that went on that morning/afternoon before the wedding.

I’ll be back with the wedding blog post 😍🇵🇹🖖

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