The Wedding Day- Portugal Pt.3šŸ‡µšŸ‡¹

My four hour love affair with the Portuguese sun was over. Lounging around on Saturday came to an end and , alas it was time to prepare for the wedding! How exciting!

After tumultuous trials in the wardrobe department:

And highly visible frilly frock horrors..
(Dress asos- paper dolls grill dress £60 and shoes asos- public desire £25)

I diligently continued on a journey to find a dress suitable for the wedding of Mark and Sonia.

Wedding Guest Conundrum

As a wedding guest, I feel there is unspoken etiquette. I struggled to find something with decent decorum. Something that didn't demand unwanted attention and believe me I looked everywhere, exhausting every website you could think of to conquer the conundrum.

Every wedding guest wants to look dapper, classy, sauve without being over the top and admittedly, I struggled to get the balance right.

My issues manifested in the form finding a dress that

  1. wouldn't have too much cleavage
  2. be too short
  3. too long
  4. too colourful
  5. too loud
  6. ugly
  7. the right colour
  8. too layered
  9. and anything else

It seemed that all hope was lost but then, like a gift from God himself, I was hit with a boutique that solved all the issues I encountered with the utmost etiquette.

Chichi London

This boutique was the sauce! It swiftly concluded months of tenacious searching for the perfect dress, with excellent execution !

It was love 😍

At first sight this dress was ace. I had given up but out of nowhere this dress just appeared and I was presented with perfection personified.

I was ready for the wedding 👰


The Bride Arrived

The bride arrived, looking beautiful as ever, entranced by wonder of her moment!

And after some bureaucracy, few sweet words and lovestruck looks, it was official, the world officially welcomed Mr & Mrs Holland!!


It was beautiful to see that they were both so happy!

The official pen to paper work was done and it was time to eat, drink and party 🎉!

Follow up with part two coming soon! ❤️💋💋

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