Story Time: I was followed

The body gives an inclining of suspicion when danger is imminent but fortunately for me there had never truly been a reason to sense any danger especially in my hometown.

That was until today.

I was shaking off a hangover and felt that a pilgrimage to the local chippy was necessary to implement phase three of the hangover cure. (Phase one was the headache, phase two was throwing up and phase three was stuffing my face)

My journey was revised and rich in simplicity, the options of two buses, a brisk walk from the bus stop and there I was.

I had my six chicken wings and chips sprinkled with generous amounts of onion vinegar, plain vinegar and salt! It was paradise in a 4×2 box.

On my journey home

I had caught the bus, it was a comfortable journey and everything was fine.
It was when I had gotten off the bus and started walking.

As soon as I had inched perhaps ten feet, I felt a presence, an uninviting, unintelligible presence pacing behind me.

It’s nothing

Was the initial false negative response but things became a bit too unhinged to be innocent.

I began my customary ‘am I being followed’ primal assessments. I used my peripherals to see whether his intensity was directed towards me and it was beyond doubt. I increased my pace and surely he increased his, I crossed the road and he ran to catch up with me , anticipating my next move. There was no jeering or even the crescent of a smile. There was no amorous intent here.

He had a dramatically menacing look.

Once I crossed the road, I stopped and looked back and this man was staring me down with fixed intensity and a focused glare. It was clear there were bad intentions without a doubt.

I was sick of this shit and pissed off.

This prick was following me in an obvious way, a weak predator of some sort trying to follow me until he found an opportune moment.

Mind you, it was 3pm in the afternoon on a high road.

I stood at the bus stop and, of course he waited, attempting to monitor my next move.

Fighting Solution

I considered catching a bus solely to get away from this freak but on fighting instinct I called my sister and in the loudest most intimidating voice I said:

“Bruv come to high road and let’s fuck this guy up, he thinks I can’t see him following me, bruv let’s fuck him up. Meet me on the high road”

He had clearly caught wind of the conversation and, expected a huge two ton man to join me and knock him out senseless and therefore scrapped whatever his plans were and left me to continue on my journey.

My sister joined me in less than three minutes but by then adrenaline had torpedoed me home.


I was shaken, visibly shaken. When I arrived, my family were shocked. It was time to call the police.

The Police

At first I called 101, which is the non emergency police line, I was explaining what had happened and after giving a description she decided to send two officers to my house.

In conclusion

Two officers came to my house in less than fifteen minutes and they were wonderful. They took a full description and said the person was on the radar. The female police officer said she would have called 999 and waited in a shop if she were me.

I just hope that he’s taken off the streets before anyone gets hurt or if it’s mental health issues , he at least sort himself out and gets the help he needs.

Either way I wouldn’t want that happening to me again.

This is a true story and happened today 5/8/17

Please be careful guys. I’m genuinely quite freaked out. Be safe and if someone seems suspicious even in the slightest go to a crowded place and stay there, call 999 (emergency🇬🇧)or 101 (non emergency🇬🇧). Be safe.

Michaela xo ❤️💋

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