Party Time (Portugal Part 4- Final)🇵🇹

With the wedding ceremony complete, there was nothing left to do but eat, drink and party on down in celebration of the bride and grooms big day.

The breeze was smooth and sun was subtle. The atmosphere was the perfect amalgam. This carried through to the evenings delights.
The scenery was gorgeous, the couple really executed the decoration and all the small touches added seasonings of sweet sentiment (kudos to the bride).


Now this food was outstanding, just great. A set five course menu left no room for disappointment. I was so happy! Forgive me, I don’t have pictures of every course because I ate them before I could take a picture (guilty).

If you know of a restaurant that serves food like this in the UK, please let me know! I will go there! I also forgot to take a picture of the menu but I was having funnnnnnn!

Ok so I ate everything and had really really good white wine and fantastic conversation with one of the brightest seventeen year olds I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to. We discussed everything ranging from world wars (I was a history nerd in school and I loved it 😁) to the pressure on young people her age as well as having many laughs along the way. I love young people!!!!!

It was time to cut the cake 🎂

And my favourite part of the evening!

Releasing the balloons 🎈

This was ingenious in my opinion and probably the most beautiful part of the entire occasion. Everybody had a balloon and each balloon had an individual LED light inside it (picture a small Christmas tree light), the goal was to release the balloon into the sky in memory of a loved one. The visual of the balloons drifting into the sky contrasting the night blue sky was golden and a cherished moment for me personally.

I wish you guys could have experienced how beautiful it was. It was stunning.


The evening continued and there was singing and dancing (no photo evidence) until we could dance no more. We also drunkly bid (and won) the brides garter for 50€ (you only live once right?)
The Night Was Over

And we retreated ready to fly out the next morning with a mild hangover (totally worth it), nothing a good old brazen full English breakfast couldn’t solve (🎼🎶🎵Rule Britannia, Britannia rule the waves)

Airport Attire

I love ankle boots and find them very comfortable and find that they add class to pretty much any outfit so I kept it casual

Jeans: Zara £20 Hat: Maison Michel and Shirt: H&M and I had my ankle boots and leather jacket too!

Just waiting to get onto the plane at this point. We had to climb up the stairs to get onto the plane instead and of going through that passage. I personally prefer this way, better views.


Snacking on a hot ham and cheese panini was the sauce!! Those sweets were everything (I greatly enjoy sour gummies) and I don’t know if you’ve noticed but the taste of pringles in the UK have changed recently and they suck so I was happy to have the old school flavour🙏☺️!

And then after a two hour flight (give or take) we were home!!

In conclusion

That was the end of the trip. The wedding was over and we had returned home safely thank you Jesus! I have to say I wasn’t expecting to be so loved up with Portugal, it was stunning and I hope to visit again in the near future, sooner rather than later!

Thank you guys for being patient with me, there was a lot of content and memories I had to cut down and write about but I do hope you enjoyed my chronicles of Portugal and found it useful, funny whatever!

Much love,

Michaela 😘

Leave a comment if you have any questions too!

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