Pat McGrath Lust MatteTrance Lipsticks (Review)

My special delivery from Sephora arrived!!

Pat McGrath, A British, world renowned makeup artist extraordinaire released a limited edition lipstick collection called MatteTrance lipsticks.

There was a lot of hype around these lipsticks and

I had believed the hype wholeheartedly.

I had seen the tweets, the YouTube reviews, the promotions and I was already head over heels. I so badly wanted these lipsticks.

They were sold out for ages.

I'm not one for lipstick 💄 I've always been good with clear lip gloss . 'Hot Lips' lip balm to be precise but I dived into the lipstick world and tried something new.

I had to wait until the 29th July for the lipstick to be available on Sephora as this was the last chance I had to get them.

I'd woken up at 9am on the morning of the 29th and I had been on, expecting the lipstick to be sold out, and to my delight they were, somehow all in stock! Woooooo!

These were the colours I wanted specifically but the entire collection had nine lipstick colours in total.

THEY'RE SO PRETTY CAN YOU HEAR ME SCREAMING. (I picked up the capital screaming tip from fellow blogger in Austria 🇦🇹Mag😘)

The struggle was real because wouldn't let me send them to the UK. I don't know whether it was because I was using my mobile. My partners phone presented the same issue! It was painful 😖! Eventually after maybe fifteen elongated minutes, success!!! 🎉

I received the highly anticipated confirmation email and they were on their way woooooo!!

The packaging was divine! 😍😍

But ended up on my floor, all over my floor actually and then eventually all over my house.

I wasn't mad though because THESE LIPSTICKS PEOPLE!!!

The lipstick itself was a visual clinic! From the black lined with gold, to the golden lips! I was loving it!

And here it is on

Final Verdict

Without a doubt these lipsticks were gorgeous. I'm so pleased and as mentioned before, I'm not a lipstick person but these were worth it. Expensive, yes. Disappointed, no. I enjoy good quality and I feel that these lipsticks fulfill exactly what they said they would

"Richly pigmented formulation that cloaks lips in a lightweight veil of rich colour"

They speaketh the truth! Go Pat McGrath!

(I'm not one for twitter at all but Pat McGrath liked my tweet yay)

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think!

Michaela xo

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