*Graphic* Story Time: Horror Of My Tooth Extraction 

To everyone reading this with a sweet tooth, take heed to this post and see it as a preemptive warning. 

No good can come from sweets.

 I, like many learned this lesson the brutal, hard and savage way through means of tooth extraction. In other words I had my tooth ripped out of my gum. 

Disclaimer: I’m writing this having humbly accepted that the next time you see me in person you’ll be staring at my teeth or ‘looking for the gap’.

Warning graphic photo

Today, I had my dentist, a grown man fight with the root of my tooth until it succumbed to his conquests. 

I am in agony right now with my mouth full of blood and gauze. The anaesthetic has worn off and I feel pain. I can’t eat and sleep evades me. It pains me to acknowledge the fact that I have inflicted this misfortune and loss on myself through excessive and unnecessary sweet consumption.

How the hell did this happen?

Let me take you back to last year June where I was stressed beyond belief. I was juggling many important areas in my life and of course issues with my personal life were a clamorous presence. I was exhausted and, despite my expertise in working through stress, my body did not work cohesively. The weight of it all took its toll on my immune system and I ended up having 

  • An eye infection 
  • Visible weight loss 
  • Cluster headaches (severe)
  • A large piece of my tooth fall out 

All of this happened in the same month and it was insane. I was in and out of hospital and I had been told systematically that I was stressed, it was obvious. 

A year later 

Things were a lot better but I soon found myself in excessively stressful predicaments and of course this manifested through my health and led to another piece of the same tooth breaking off. 

It’s weird because I genuinely don’t realise how much I have going on and that I may just possibly be quite overwhelmed and stressed. That is until my body crashes in some way. 

And two weeks after that, another piece of the same tooth fell out. Not long after, a sudden pain started and was gradually getting worse.

 It was time to remove the remnants of my deceased tooth. 

I managed to get a same day emergency appointment and my dentist Claudio checked out my tooth, the X-ray confirmed that it couldn’t be saved and we both agreed that extraction was the only sensible alternative. 
I was super duper chill as I’d anticipated this reality. I’d requested for the procedure to be done there and then to which he accepted and, after paying £200, he began.

The Nightmare Begins

I’m not afraid of needles but the needle that was used to insert the anaesthetic was huge, sharp and thick. I believe that the numbing of my tooth was ironically the most painful part of the procedure. It was horrendous especially the numbing of the back of my tooth. That combined with the suction felt like my gum had been stabbed with a knife. They had to add more anaesthesic after that. I was genuinely shaking in pain.


The procedure in effect was simply pulling out a tooth and that is exactly what my dentist had done. He pulled and pulled and pulled with all his strength and it was traumatic, but not because of the sheer manpower being applied, but because I had been so irresponsible in caring for my teeth, so much to the stage where I was losing a tooth! In such a savage and unnatural way. I felt like an idiot. He couldn’t just pull the tooth out, he had to saw it in two a pull out a part of the tooth and then the other. 

It was so unfortunate that it had to come to this. 

How it ended

I am now in bed, with one side of my face numb, unable to eat and temporarily reliant on solpadeine max to spare me from the pain of an extracted tooth. I’m on antibiotics too. 

In conclusion 

It took a painful and abrupt lesson like this to realise that my irresponsible decisions led to painful and unnecessary consequences and in hindsight, I’d much rather have resisted a pack of sweets instead of losing my tooth.

5 thoughts on “*Graphic* Story Time: Horror Of My Tooth Extraction 

  1. Nice informative blog 🙂

    We all need to look after our teeth. Sadly, I don’t take great care of mine.

    It would make sense sometime in the future to inform the readers how you are coping with stress. We all deal with stress in different ways.

    Maybe covering how you deal with weight loss in one post, how you deal with headaches in the next and so on.

    Let me know how it goes.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey thanks for the feedback I appreciate it! I will look into writing about how I deal with stress and all those things related i.e. health. I wasn’t sure if would be interesting. I’ll keep you updated. I’ll check out your blog too!

      Liked by 1 person

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