What have I been doing 🤷🏾‍♀️

My unnoted absence has been due to exhaustion. I’m sorry I haven’t posted for so long, the reason for this in particular is because I’ve been overworked. 

I’m in university for those of you who don’t know. Right now I’m on second year placement! I’m doing my training and I have a year left (kinda). I work twelve hour shifts and it exhausts me as you could imagine .

It’s so odd. Despite the long hours and the patients and rude colleagues (at times), there has always been residing solace in the work I do. 

Maybe it’s the simplicity of looking after people that feels right or the fact that I’m helping someone at their lowest, regardless of whether they see it that way or not. I don’t know but there’s a strange satisfaction.

I haven’t been cooking as much unfortunately, honestly I’m just working on getting this degree. 

These past few months have been a time of growth and discipline which are necessary for my personal character development. I can say that for awhile now I’ve lacked discipline and it has halted me unnecessarily. I’m working on being a better Michaela but that starts with working on the flaws in my character. 

Self Discipline In Motion: Practicality 

I have daily tasks I set myself to complete and genuinely aim to do them. Some days are better than others but all in all the road to success comes through hardwork, determination and sacrifice and the key is to be diligent in going on, one day at a time.

I’m also realising now that it is important to have an outlet and a way to relax, check out and unwind (sounds like such an adult thing to say but it’s true). At the moment I’m struggling to find a way to de stress and take a step away from my rigid schedule. I’m trying to remember what it is I love doing in my spare time and I’m short on ideas. I’ll work it out though. I also feel that I’m not working hard enough with respect to all I have to do! I need to focus, prioritise and organise my time better but all in good time.

My personal life is pretty lame. I’ve not been very happy to be honest. Otherwise not much to report, well I had a bob for awhile

And I have been eating excessively people! In particular I have been eating Nando’s like a savage. I think at one point I ate Nando’s for three days in a row! Sooooo gooooood! Excessive though.

I will be posting more consistently and I will try to make it more of a priority! If you have any advice for me I’d happily listen!

Much love,
Michaela xoxo 

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