Trip To Zurich

A few of my good friends live abroad so when I’m afforded the time, I go and visit. In this instance, I booked a spontaneous trip to Zurich, Switzerland to see them .

I was there for five days. I actually went in early November and it wasn’t snowing when I arrived but it did eventually. It was really cold at times but I live in England so I’m used to cold temperatures.

I bought a huge jumper from zara and wore a hundred layers underneath. Double socks, layers of leggings underneath my jeans, no games were being played on this front.

My friends

Stephanie and Jeremy! These are my friends from the states. They are epic. Very photogenic as you can see 😊.

It was the first time I’d seen Stephanie after three years! We bonded over our love for science and Jesus. We’ve been chilling ever since.

I met Jeremy for the first time on this trip and it was like I’d known him for years. We’d gotten on like a house on fire. He is awesome people. Awesome.

What was I doing in Zurich?<
ating eating eating eating eating eating eating and drinking too.

Impact Hub – Sihlquai 131, 8005 Zurich, Switzerland <
his hot chocolate was everything. This was the best hot chocolate I had ever had in my entire life. It was creamy, delicious, not too sweet. I couldn’t get enough. I had two cups because excess was a necessity in this instance.

Top Restaurant: Zeughauskeller

The queues to get into this restaurant were insane. There were two entrances and they were both rammed and it wasn’t even rush hour! The food here was great and reasonably priced in my opinion. I had venison with potatoes and currents. There were also chestnuts. It was a delicious dish that was around £20 and was worth the money. It was so good, I ate here twice.

Please be aware that you will leave with a gargantuan food coma.

Entertainment: Zurich Opera House

Yes it sounds fancy but honestly, Zurich Opera House is world renowned and with good reason. It was visually stunning. Absolutely stunning. I thought it would be a treat for my friend and I to visit but we were wronggggggggggg. The play we had chosen to watch was just weird. Really really weird, we left during the intermission. We were also the youngest people there by at least two or three decades (which is fine but you know, you did feel a little out of place). In true rebel form..

We ditched the opera house and found a bar and went home happy!

Sprungli: Macaroons for life!!!

Listen, these macaroons are outstanding! Outstanding! I used to hate macaroons until Sprungli changed my life. After trying their macaroons I had to question my whole existence! A trip to Switzerland for these macaroons alone is worth it! No joke! (They also have stores in Dubai).

I went to Selfridges to see if Pierre Hermé macaroons could compare but they could not!

Honestly every Sprungli macaroon was outstanding. Outstanding. Ravishing flavour and impact with each bite! They’re a bit pricey but worth it in my opinion!

The last day

All good things come to an end (apparently) so it was time to head home after a wonderful five days with my friends ! Before I left, I went to this town which was an hour and a half away and to my surprise

It was snowing! It was ace! Cold though.

Within no time I was back at Heathrow and ready to go back to work.

I am absolutely set on returning to Switzerland, it is amazing with great food, which came as a surprise to me! I’d definitely recommend the macaroons and hot chocolate though if you have time to visit those places.

Side note: I had this amazing ramen! I’m not a fan of ramen and I never thought Switzerland would be the country to change that but I was wrong! The restaurant is called IKOO and there is a waiting list to get in but it is amazing. Outstanding Switzerland, outstanding!

Lots of love,


2 thoughts on “Trip To Zurich

  1. I have been to Switzerland I can very much identify with how beautiful the place is, and how good the food and chocolate drinks are.

    Good to see you having fun though five days is just about right wets your appetite for more.


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