MichaelaEats: Jerusalem Bar And Kitchen 

On this day, I craved burgers, delicious indulgent burgers! I hoped on instagram to find the best burgers in London. I find instagram is effective in providing a visual clinic of carefully concocted creations when it comes to food and so I went in search of the perfect burger to tame my appetite.

                       The Burger List

My instagram investigations are usually initiated by googling the hashtag #burgerslondon or something similar and hope that the delights that appear lead me to my burger 🙏🙌.

 It was a diligent search like this where I uncovered the gem that was ‘The Burger List’. This is a London based instagram page dedicated to burgers. It shows off the best burgers in London hands down! The photo above is a snapshot of the glorious burgers that feature on their instagram page. I was joyfully strolling and I saw this 

Now I don’t usually crave greasy, indulgent, glutinous food but on this day I absolutely did. 

Jerusalem Bar and Kitchen won my heart and wallet

I called the hombre and we were off 

We arrived, the place was pretty empty but it was a Monday so nothing too surprising. We were seated, ordered some beer and after a half an hour wait the food came.

I can’t remember what we ordered exactly but this place is known for their chips, burgers and hot sauce. If you watch ‘Hot Ones’ on YouTube then you’ll recognise some of the sauces from there.

It’s no joke. 

The names alone are the only humorous sides to these sauces. They are hot, very hot. I love spice but these are dangerous, as in they can genuinely cause pain. Be careful especially when it comes to the sauce called ‘da bomb’. It went into my fingernail and it pained me for a week. Pain. For an entire week.

There were quite a few choices as you can see. We refrained from risking our wellbeing with these sauces.

MichaelaEats Verdict: 6/10

The chips were heavenly. They add their gravy on them and it is just delightful but their burgers, in my opinion were a little dry which is unfortunate (I had a different burger from the one they had on instagram). I loved the hot sauce and I would go back but just for the chips and sauces. The bar staff were friendly and the cocktails were quite sweet but overall it was a cool evening. Good vibes. I’d definitely recommend the chips. 

Obligatory photo but also a chance to check out the decor which I thought was super cool.

Anyway that’s all I have to say! Hope this was helpful. If you want to check this place out the address is:

Jerusalem Bar and Kitchen

33-34 Rathbone Pl, Fitzrovia, London W1T 1JN

Number: 020 7255 1120

Michaela xoxo

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