Writing For Waltham Forest Newspaper 

I’m happy to announce that Waltham Forest Newspaper published an article I wrote about young people and community engagement! 

I’ve been working in Waltham Forest as a Young Advisor since I was sixteen so when I was presented with an opportunity to write about anything, I went back to my roots and spread the love I personally have for my community (sounds super cliché). 

It’s crazy but I now realise how much confidence and maturity I gained throughout my time as a Young Advisor.  I was afforded so many rare opportunities to speak for young people in areas ranging from mental health to sexual health,  all the way to organising green environmental events in the community,  painting murals and volunteering at art events and so much more. 

I’ve met so many awesome people and have had so much fun being around energised and intriguing young people and individuals from various backgrounds and I would encourage you, whoever and wherever you may be, to get involved with your local community. It’s pretty awesome. 
Here’s a link to the paper online. My work is on page two : https://www.walthamforest.gov.uk/node/2932

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