Glastonbury 2017- Outfits & Outlooks (Part One)

I went to Glastonbury this year and it rocked. I was hugely sceptical because of the line up. 
Out of all the headlining acts on pyramid stage, I only knew Ed Sheeran’s music and, as much as his subtle sounds successfully soothe the soul , I wasn’t so sure how he’d do. I didn’t stay to find out. I went to see Boy Better Know headline the ‘other stage’.  

BBK Bunny 

Sunday – Boy Better Know 

This was right after their performance which was awesome. Those with eagle eyes can see me in the crowd dancing to ‘Too Many Man” in the link. I think this was the most fun I’d had at Glastonbury festival. It was ace! 

Outfit: This was the final day of Glastonbury 2017. 

I was wearing: 

Levi Strauss Shorts: EBay £15

Sports bra & Matching Underwear: £5 Primark

Wellington boots: £15 Asda 

Sports Vest: Forever 21 £3 sale 

Bunny ears: Can’t remember 😕

Shirt: Mothers ☺️

Military jacket: £1 from Glastonbury 

Glasses: Glastonbury £5

Bag: Marc Jobs (Net-A-Porter)

Saturday – Cold Neon Nights (Foo Fighters)

Outfit- Saturday 

Green playsuit £15 pink boutique 

I went for the full on festival look here. I knew this outfit would do justice to the ‘Glastonbury vibe’ I thought I had to capture. Let me mention that it was quite cold on this day so I wore a north face coat on top of my outfit. 

Foo Fighters

I had an awesome time singing along to All My Life. That was it though. I really get energy from the music and I absolutely love singing the lyrics and getting into the feeling of the event. Unfortunately my lack of Foo Fighters knowledge led to a less than enthusiastic gig experience but I tried. It didn’t help that the set was an extended two hours. 

Post Foo Fighters Outfit

It was flipping freezing. I threw on leggings (£4 H&M) and my favourite hoodie of all time gifted from my homie. 

All my septum piercings x3 were from Primark for £3 (only have 2/3 in photos)

​That’s enough for part one I think. I’ll be back with the rest. 
Much love ❤️ 

Michaela xoxo

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