Introducing: ‘MichaelaEats’

Hello everybody,

I’d like to introduce you to the newest feature to my blog: MichaelaEats’.

It will literally be a collection of the food I cook, eat, order and bake. 

A food diary so to speak.

It occurred to me that I eat a lot and put considerable time into cooking and sourcing quality ingredients therefore documenting it wouldn’t be that difficult and perhaps quite interesting for people who enjoy food, cooking, baking (sometimes) and want to know where to go to eat in and around London, Cambridge and wherever else I am.

I also eat out quite a lot and whilst doing so visit some beautiful places which would be cool to share. I will try and document as much as possible and keep you all connected. 

I’m quite excited, I find that cooking (and eating) is something I genuinely enjoy and do in excess so I see this as another way I can intimately share my life with you all. Stay tuned!

Michaela xoxo

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